Thursday, January 11, 2007


the newly reopened grumpy's in tremont 2007

new years day 2002 at the old grumpy's
the long await to the reopening of grumpy's after the old locale burned down a few years back is finally over. they opened this past monday and i spent my second visit there today which is thursday.
wednesday morning was my first visit and i had a short-stack of pancakes with the side of cajun homefries [3.95] which most plates come with unless you prefer a pasta salad at lunch.
today i didnt have a large appetite when wasco asked me to come along so i ended up just getting a bowl of soup which was the cheeseburger cream of tomato and it was very tasty. matt, brin & noel got the cajun chicken quesadilla with swiss, mushrooms in a tortilla w/801 salsa & sour cream [7.95], steve had the meatloaf melt w/swiss on rye [6.95] which i'll like to try the next dinner i have there when i have a larger appetite considering the meatloaf being a large piece of meat the size of a *large mans fist.
getting back to wednesday, i told kathy a while back that i have a decent photo print [B&W shown above] of inside the old grumpy's taken on new-years morning of 2002 and i was able to deliver to kathy when i seen her that morning. i explained that the print was a couple years old that i had in an art showing and that it was not in very good shape and without the glass it once was incased in so she'll probably shouldn't display it outside the kitchen.
kathy seemed impressed with the print and had it displayed on the front counter the next day. if you see it and like it, the name is spelt: M-U-E-N-Z, if you don't well i told her she shouldn't display it.
this isn't a review of the restaurant but i encourage everyone to patronage this business, kathy and others put alot of work & money bringing grumpy's back to tremont and deserve reward for their effort.
the hours are 6am-11pm weekdays, 7am-4am!! friday & saturday and i believe 7am-3pm for sunday brunch.
our waitress tracy also mentioned that BYOB is welcomed and they offer to keep it chilled in their fridge if you plan to go that way, with those late night hours, it probably will..
i have several photos of the new grumpy's interior here, i hope to have some shots of the exterior when the facade is finished.

*meatfist © is property of sloetoe.


Blogger Deitri said...

I came across your very cool pictures of Grumpy's when I was looking (unsuccessfully) for an online menu. Had a great brunch there on Sunday-- Walnut French Toast w/ homefries, side of bacon & coffee. I'm so glad they're back in business.

3:17 PM, March 05, 2007  

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