Thursday, January 18, 2007

things worse than work

most my friends know how i feel about my job and the stress of my 11/12 hour days and handle me with kid-gloves if we happen to encounter later in the night.
i can admit that i can be real 'short' and even a prick at times especially on those eves.
though tonight was a workday that went real smooth and when i got home i did some productive work on the computer until my eyes started to burn and then i noticed it was already 1:17 and i thought it would be sweet going for last-call.
i rode my bike the short distance to the bar FKA 'dempsey's oasis' and sat down with wasco & heavy p and all was well until a couple very drunk chicks sat right down right next to me and start saying 'hey, you look like nick lachey', i don't know who nick lachay is and actually thought she said 'rick o'shea' that i know neither.
anyway wasco asks 'whos nick lachey?'. 'jessica simpsons ex-boyfriend' was the immediate answer from one of the girls and they continued to press me on this and demand for me to take off my wool skullcap which i refused and then left the table.

when i got home i received the below email from shawn of the band 'child bite':
Subject: lou...

where are our pics? i looked on your site. did they turn out bad? we
can try to be prettier next time.


i actually like that band after seeing them twice but did not wanna hear demands at this part of the morning after my previous experience earlier.

so my point is: am i wrong to be intolerant and/or insensitive after a long days work? on the evenings i have off i don't notice disrespect as often or maybe i'm less tense and i easily ignore bad vibes on those glorious off days?

thanks for your understanding.

ps: previous post has been sent to draft for consideration of like minds. thanks for the kudos adam.


Blogger Adam Harvey said...

I'd be salty too after someone called me Nick Lachey.

5:54 PM, January 18, 2007  

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