Thursday, February 22, 2007

3 million

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i have as my photo server since april 2001 and appreciate the service of this basically one man operation [actually 2 now that slug is married and his wife emily has been aboard]. pbase has never had ads which is refreshing and they now have millions of photographers using their service.
not to say that is without gliches, with all those images being served they have had some issues in performance but that is to be expected as users have found out earlier this week.

anyway, my page views reached 3,000,000 today [since june of 2001] and i'm now averaging approx. 2,800 page views a day on pbase. one of my most popular galleries is my pittsburgh gallery that was also one of my first with 42,228 views, though that gallery was created in july of 2001 it has had 588 views in the last 3 days [february 19-21] far surpassing many of my more recent galleries in that same period despite that i haven't updated or added photos there in years..

here is a screenshot of the statpage that pbase provides daily [you need to be logged in to get the actual stat-page] which breaks down all my photos & galleries with aggregate totals as well as daily totals for the last month.

as of february 22, 2007 i have 7,324 images on


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