Thursday, February 08, 2007

cleveland elsewhere

cleveland skyline in indianapolis
a few months ago i was asked for use of one of my cleveland skyline photos by a large 'architectural signage' company [ASI-modulex] based in indianapolis but with offices around the world including cleveland.
what ASI modulex wanted the photo for was to blow the image up so that it would take up nearly the entire wall of the large office and appear with the window panes that overlap the image to be a large wall of windows that has cleveland at night as the backdrop. the image is 7 feet tall and nearly 20 feet wide with the clients [armstrong] logo in the upper right hand corner.
the gentleman i dealt with sent a small image of what it would look like that is shown above. the office in indianapolis is still under construction and i'm interested what it would look like after there work is finished.
i received the check for the image today so i'm not worried about jinxing the deal though i never talked about the new york times article that ran on sunday concerning black musicians that perform rock music in a white dominated scene. they were to use a photo of mine of the band 'this moment in black history' but pulled the photo last minute because of space issues. it sure would of been nice to tell people that i had a photo in the NYT's..

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Blogger Mary M. said...

hey lou it's me, mary aka roses_rejoice et cetera, again...i see this blog has changed its sign-in requirements yet again!! so i have to post under yet ANOTHER dern name in order to use my google account.
anyway, congratulations on the beeeeeg cleveland photo! that's so cool! sorry about the NYT but hey, save it for a good article - the fact that they did not run your picture just puts another nail in their coffin on taste as far as I am concerned anyway. i've always preferred the NYT's rival, the Wash Post, tho it's not as good as it was during the Ben Bradlee/ Watergate heyday. those guys were my heroes, I would have been a journalist if I had flunked out of engineering.

12:30 PM, February 11, 2007  

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