Thursday, February 08, 2007

local radio vs the biz

there are a number of local college radio shows i listen to but there are two that i try to listen to consistantly in the entirity and they are "radio dystopia" that is on thursday afternoons from noon till 2pm [WRUW 91.1 cleveland oh] and broadcast live on the internet [best if opened as 'open URL' in your media player], WRUW also archives shows for a week [guide]. the latest "radio dystopia" show can be heard here 24/7.

my other favorite is jon hicks show "the worst day ever" [WCSB - 89.3 cleveland] that is on from 9pm-11pm fridays but when i spoke with jon a week ago he said he was trying to get the 11pm-1am the same night. WCSB no longer broadcasts over the internet because impending fees that the RIAA has pushed for concerning music broadcast over the internet as well as copywrite issues.
WCSB has issued a statement on their homepage that explains the decision, in part:

The two components of the new regulations that concern us most are the fees and the reporting requirements. We do not yet know how much we will be charged (even for our 2006 web broadcasts), but we are concerned the fees will be cost prohibitive to WCSB and similar stations with limited funding. The other concern is the extensive reporting we will have to provide to SoundExchange 8 weeks each year including 11 different fields of information. This will be an administrative hassle, at best, for stations staffed entirely by students and volunteers from the community. It may prove impossible for us to comply.

As we await the final decision of the U.S. Copyright Office, we kindly ask for your support.

to make a long story short, college stations as well as other internet radio stations are close to extinction.

you can voice your concern by contacting your local congressman.


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