Thursday, February 15, 2007

the weather in perspective

local TV station 'action 19' did a remote from downtown cleveland wednesday morning while the blizzard was nearing the end and some mostly naked dude starts dancing around the camera. the reporter loses his composure and can't go on with the interview.
last night when i got home from work i put on the BBC news seen locally here at 11:30 pm on PBS and it was not the story of the blizzard in the midwest US that got me thinking but a story of what is going on in darfur. they had some footage of that area that shown some young teenagers hamming it up for the cameras, most of those were girls swinging their hips and giggling, i suppose most boys are engaged in the war that is going on or have been killed so they can't engage in said war.
that was when i started wondering why these people like to put on shows for TV cameras especially considering all the death, war, rape and other atrocities going on in their country. maybe it helps those kids to get their minds off what is going on around them(?).
that's when i remembered the above video that i found on earlier while at work. what made this guy jump out of his car, strip naked and dance around the camera in 9 degrees and 30 MPH winds? was it to get his mind off the crappy weather or just to get attention and be seen on TV?
i'm not making light of the genocide of what is going on in darfur but you probably wouldn't be reading this if it was a story on darfur, after all what could i add to that story? i probably wouldn't remembered that video on if i didn't see that report on the BBC that had those kids having fun with the camera.
to make a long story short, as bad as the current weather is we will have birds chirping in the spring air in a couple months. what will those darfurian kids have to look forward to?
'human rights watch' darfur site.

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Blogger Andy said...

Thanks for posting the clip. I laughed my butt off.

2:49 PM, February 15, 2007  
Blogger amy said...


12:24 PM, February 20, 2007  

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