Saturday, March 31, 2007

props to you all

my photography opening at the parish hall was attended by a lot of folks i have not seen in a while, some that i see fairly often and some i've never seen before but was lucky enough to meet some of you.

the photos will be up through april 28, 2007.

i would like to thank everyone who made it out and a very big thanks goes out to the following people:

ryan weitzel & the parish hall crew

for inviting me to have a solo show at the hall and special thanks to ryan for hanging the 'art' and putting up with my attitude that was tested after i broke the fifth glass frame..
thanks ryan, stephe, brandon, tom, matt and the rest of the crew.

antonio 'taco' merritt

tony came through with all my prints in speedy fashion during some tough times he is going through. i thought it would be a good idea to use one of my latest photos [lightning bolt] to the show and tony hand delivered it to me within hours so i could have it hanging by the 7pm opening, a mere 18 hours after the flik was shot. it turned out that that photo was one of the most commented on that night.
i don't have enough fingers on my hand to count the times tony has come through for me in similar circumstances - much love to yah tony!

amy casey

amy, amy, amy. amy's work ethic is just one of her good traits that inspires me to take my art more seriously. amy also spent her sunny off-day helping mount and hang the 30 pieces all the while she is in the middle of preparing for a show less than 2 days away from when she plans to deliver the work in erie PA.
thanks so much amy, i love yah!

ben parsons & azure glass studio

ben hooked me up [again] with his mat cutter & space, thankyou ben & mary.

dan tranberg [plain dealer] & anastasia pantsios [free times]

dan included details of the show and my bio in the friday section of the PD.

anastasia wrote a blurb in the FT's about the show. thanks to you both.

john neeley [grog shop]

john has always treated me well and helped me with the show whether he knew it or not.

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Blogger Parish Hall said...

Hey Lou,

Thanks for all the work you put into having this show. We love having these prints at the hall!

It's a great show. i'm glad we have it up until the end of the month. If anyone hasn't checked it out yet, we'd love to have you by.

Parish Hall Cleveland

12:48 PM, April 12, 2007  

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