Friday, March 16, 2007

solo photography show at parish hall

i've been busy preparing for my solo photography show at the parish hall that is on friday march 30, 2007. i already spent approximately 80 hours, half of that was choosing which photos to use in the show out of over 100,000 photos that i have on three different computers and five hard-drives. i separate my photos chronologically which is fine if your looking for a certain date but it is exasperating if your just hunting for photos to include for an photography showing. many hours was also spent post-processing the files so they will look decent when printed which takes much more time than creating the small files i upload to the web.
the parish hall show will include several photos from the old LTV/J&L steelyard that the mega-sized 'steelyard commons' now sits. those shots are from about five years ago when the plant last closed, anyone who ever tried getting onto that property either when they were still operational or shut-down knows what a hassle you were in for with the diligent security that they had down there made it hard to even cut through the yard on your way to the towpath none the less hanging out shooting photography. i did get in about a forty five minutes of shooting while dodging the security that day before finally being apprehended. i should of known by the lack of graffiti around the abandoned plant just how intense the security was.
anyway those steelyard shots was shot on my old olympus 700 [the UZI] so i'm a lil concerned how the quality will be when printed.
other shots included will be photos from different music venues in cleveland as well as some skyline and street scenes from this area..

so save the date MARCH 30, 2007 at the parish hall which is just east of west 65th on detroit avenue. the band coffinberry will be performing as will a couple other bands yet to be determined.