Monday, April 09, 2007

MLB orders indians to play home games in millwaukee

cleveland snow - AP image
bud selig & the major leaugue baseball office has stepped into the snow debacle going on in cleveland that has already cancelled the first four home games of the indians season and ordered that the upcoming series with the losangeles/aneheim [actual name awaiting supreme court decision] angels to be played in millwaukee [buds domed ballpark].

this is not the first time the indians played their home games in millwaukee if you count the movie 'major leagues' as reality. the ironic part is that tuesdays game that will be played in millwaukee was to be rick 'wild thing' vaughn eyeglasses night at the jake..

there is not really anyone to blame about the huge snow that fell on cleveland the second week of april but the cleveland indians failure to cancel the home opener last friday during an all day snow that had wind chill temps in the teens has fans yelling GREED at owner paul dolan. i know its hard to turn away a sold-out crowd but it was apparent to everyone except indian management that that game should of been cancelled beforehand.

plenty of tickets are available for the new home opener in millwaukee..

MLB article - ABC news - my easter snow pics

WKYC video - 2 - 3

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