Tuesday, April 24, 2007

the west 3rd solution?

scott of TWDC posted to tremonter about the west 3rd. redevelopment ideas that some michigan state students have been working on and plan to present to the community this wednesday at sokowlowski university inn tremont.

Next Wednesday, April 25, 2007, there will be a presentation with some redevelopment ideas for the W.3rd Street Peninsula. The project was an undertaking by the 4th year students at Michigan State University for a winter project. A total of 6 teams were divided up to investigate the current site, look at the current dynamics of the overall Cleveland market and economy, and trends for the future.

the northern tip of this 'peninsula' under the closed eagle street lift-bridge was known as the 'temple of lost love' which was the clevelands beloved outdoor art-space before the city sent workers down there on a weekend [overtime] with cherry pickers & bulldozers destroying the gardens, ripping down the mosiacs and painting over the whole area.
this destruction came shortly after a 10 year anniversary of the TOLL/911 commemoration and just days after jane campbell announced that the city was going to make a better effort accomadating local artists. so i'm very skeptical what the city plans for that area now, my guess is flats-lite.
last time i seen that area it was cyclone fenced in and was storing city equiptment and has become a real public eyesore.
i'ld like to see the students presentation but i work 12 hours on wednesdays and am going to miss it. i will try to get a wrapup of sorts from either scott or someone who was able to attend and update this post with those findings..

this is not my first rant about the rise & fall of the temple of lost love and probably won't be the last..

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