Thursday, April 12, 2007

WRUW back on the air!

WRUW is no longer off the air and the transmitter has been fixed.

the telethon has been reschueduled for a later date [i heard next week] but you can use the handy online donation form if you are the impatient type.

below are a few shows that i listen to regularly. the 'archived' links to an mp3 of their latest program. the link works best if you copy it and open in your media player as: [open URL] option, which plays the program instantly as it downloads. click on the program name for a description and archived program lists.
WRUW 91.1 listen live: 128k - 56k [program guide]

erin & tony radio show
- tuesday 10:30am-noon [archived]
radio dystopia - thursdays noon-2:00pm [archived]
resident rock - thursdays 5:30am-7am [archived]

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