Tuesday, April 10, 2007

WRUW is off the air

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with the indians playing their home games in wisconcin and my favorite radio station off the air, i'm quickly running out of entertainment options in this town.
hopefully both these situations are temporary.
unfortunatly for WRUW, the station went off the air on the first day of their annual fundraiser, the one week of the year that they depend on raising funds to keep the station going for the following 52 weeks.
WRUW is still broadcasting over the internet at wruw.org and you can still donate by calling 216-368-2208. anyone who enjoys one of the few assets this town has left, i urge that they donate. it sounds like they are going to need it now more than ever.

i pasted the note david caban [WRUW tech. director] has left on the wruw.org website, below my rant.

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WRUW live feed.

We are Off the Air ... Technical Problems!

Monday April 9, 2007
By: David

We are very sorry to report that we have been off the air since approximately 3:00 pm Monday afternoon. We apologize profusely to all of our listeners, especially on this first day of our annual fundraiser! The station has had some technical problems at its transmitter site in East Cleveland.

The Illuminating Company didn't leave the transmitter site until 11:30 pm on Monday night. They have discovered that the nature of this electrical problem is completely out of their hands, and needs to be resolved by the building owners where we have our transmitter.

To further complicate the matter, we don't know how long the repairs will take, and we won't know until late Tuesday morning at the earliest.

This has been an extremely unfortunate series of events, and we are truly, truly sorry for the interruption to your listening!

Thank you for your support of WRUW. We will keep you updated as to the progress of these repairs.

David Caban WRUW Technical Director


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