Thursday, June 28, 2007

shaker cycle vs OCBC

i've been looking for a decent bike after mine was stolen on my birthday last august. mitch from shaker cycle was kind enough to lend me an old schwinn varsity that weighed nearly 50 pounds that i have been using until i found a decent old lightweight road bike [SC didn't have anything at the time]. finding what i wanted at a decent price was harder than i thought and the process nearly took a year but mitch found me a decent 1986 nishiki prestige with campy wheels, dia-compe brakes, sun-tour derailleurs and CR-MO double butted tubes all for about fifty bucks less than what the ohio city bike co-op wanted for something similar.

i have a couple friends at the OCBC and when they found out i had my bike stolen they mentioned that they would 'hook me up' but apparently my interpretation of that term differed with theirs.

living in tremont for twenty years and being an avid cyclist i'm always asked about the best place to take their bike that is in need of repair or where the best place to find a new one and i always mentioned shaker cycle or the OCBC. i'm not sure how much business i brought the bike co-op but i'm certain there are a few bikes that were bought at shaker cycle after i've seen said individuals with their new bike. this might have something to do with mitch giving me a decent price but in the twenty five years that i have been doing business with shaker cycle when they were located on lee & chagrin and i was working on kinsman, mitch was always fair with me and not afraid to tell you what is crap and what is not even if it may cost him business.
a recent case in point: when i was prepping my used bike for purchase at his shop some dude came in with and old beat-up bike an wanted to know what it would cost to repair, mitch immediately told him to scrap his idea and go down to target and buy a cheap bike that would cost him the same if he spent that money fixing up his beat up found bike..

advice like that from a business owner is rare but is completely honest. he could of sold him a bunch of profitable parts to get that bike running again or sold him one of the many clunkers he has in storage but instead he was honest even if it may have cost him a few bucks.

if all your bike needs is a 'tune-up' or your wobbly wheel needs truing your best bet is at shaker cycle, no one will do it cheaper nor as quickly as mitch.

the one flaw that my nishiki prestige possessed was a gaudy pink & yellow paint job, i didn't bother taking a pic of my bike before i gave it a custom paint job [shown above] but there is a photo of the pink model here.

below is from the cleveland scene.

Best Bike Shop (2006)
Shaker Cycle

2389 W. Fifth St., 216-685-2453
A bike shop is only as good as its proprietor, and Mitch Paul, owner of Shaker Cycle in Tremont, has chain lube running through his veins. Paul's been hawking bikes since the invention of the wheel, and he's happy to tell you about the physics behind aluminum frames, tire thickness, and gear ratios. His shop isn't the most ergonomically advanced -- it's more like a teenager's bedroom, only he knows where his stuff is -- but whether it's a road bike, mountain bike, trick bike, or tandem that you're looking for, you'll find it here. And for a good price too: Last year's models are marked down as much as 40 percent.

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Blogger Justin F. Farrar said...


This is Justin at the Scene. How can I get a hold of you. My e-mails to you keep bouncing back.



7:03 PM, July 06, 2007  
Blogger ben said...

Hey Justin,
I've been down to Shaker Cycle before and bought a recumbent from Mitch because they were the only Rans dealer in town. From my perspective both OCBC and Shaker Cycle have their strengths, and that is either of them may carry the part you are looking for. In my case, I always have my eye out for tall touring bicycles because I am a tall person. I usually go down to the coop for cheap parts. It may be worth noting that while OCBC is more expensive, they also do community bicycle programs to benefit children. When you make a purchase from the OCBC you are helping to support their programs and improving bicycling for everyone. The OCBC is also invaluble for learning how to do your own repairs and how to ride with traffic. In summary both shops are great at what they do and I consider both of them when I'm looking to make a purchase.

4:32 PM, November 13, 2008  

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