Tuesday, July 17, 2007

bad brains - build a nation

a friend of mine told me that he asked the woman that runs a certain collinwood record shop [no names please], if they had the new 'bad brains' album and her reply was "who are the bad brains", i thought that was kinda funny, the BB will probably [should] end up in the RR hall of fame and was even included in VH1's top 100 artists of hard rock.
after listening to their new album "build a nation" [produced by the beasties adam yauch], i believe this may be my favorite BB album since 'i against i' that came out in the mid-eighties. the four or five reggae songs are even tolerable to this non-reggae fanatic and sounds that MCA might of had a hand in some of the percussion.

i highly recommend 'build a nation' to any bad brain fan that thought their glory days faded in the mid-eighties. BAN debuted at 100 on billboard 200 in the first week of release so i'm probably not the only one impressed with this recording.
you can listen to some of the new tracks on their myspace page and i believe now that it may be available at music saves but you may want to call first..

bad brains - build a nation, track listing:

1. "Give Thanks and Praises"
2. "Jah People Make the World Go Round"
3. "Pure Love"
4. "Natty Dreadlocks 'pon the Mountaintop"
5. "Build a Nation"
6. "Expand Your Soul"
7. "Jah Love"
8. "Let There Be Angels (Just Like You)"
9. "Universal Peace"
10. "Roll On"
11. "Until Kingdom Comes"
12. "In the Beginning"
13. "Send You No More Flowers"
14. "Peace Be Unto Thee"


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