Friday, August 03, 2007

compound fest 2007

self destruct button at 2005 compound fest
in celebration of my first outdoor concert 30 years ago at 3 rivers stadium in pittsburgh where over 300 people were arrested, 2 stabbed to death and 1000s of fist-fights, the people of compound are kind enough to stage a reinactment show this coming saturday the 4th of august.

dusty never was able to finish their signature song that hot august night after being tackled on stage by a mob of kids from the lower northside that were being chased by cops in riot-gear but the words are below to get you in the mood..
remember to act experimental but be professional and share that bag of fine..

If you see me walkin' down the line
with my fav'rite honky tonk in
well, I'll be here around suppertime
with my can of dinner and a
bunch of fine.

Beer drinkers and hell raisers, yeah.
baby, don't you wanna come with me?

The crowd gets loud when the band
gets right,
steel guitar cryin' through the night.
Yeah, try'n to cover
up the corner fight
but ev'rything's cool 'cause they's just tight.

Beer drinkers and hell raisers, yeah.
Huh, baby, don't you wanna
come with me?
Ah, play it boy.

The joint was jumpin' like a cat on
hot tin.
Lord, I thought the floor was gonna give in.
Soundin' a lot
like a House Congressional
'cause we're experimental and professional.

Beer drinkers, hell raisers, yeah.
Well, baby, don't you wanna come
with me?



[photos from previous compound fests]
1:00-1:30pm - Jerk
1:45-2:15pm - Insurrect
2:30-3:00pm - Clan Of The Cave Bear
3:15-3:45pm - State Of Ohio
4:00-4:30pm - Machine Go Boom*
4:45-5:15pm - Tusco Terror
5:30-6:00pm - Ginch
6:15-6:45pm - Homostupids
7:00-7:30pm - The Surah New Orchestar
7:45-8:15pm - National Suicide Day
8:30-9:00pm - Maumin Collective
9:15-9:45pm - Coffinberry
10:00-10:30pm - Shiny Johnson
10:45-11:15pm - Sun God
11:30-12:00pm - Pet Monster

The Compound is located on E. 63rd, just north of St. Clair Ave. The festivities take place in a big dusty parking lot behind the Charter One Bank on the corner of E.63. Parking available on E. 63rd as well as on St. Clair.

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Blogger Adam Harvey said...

Son of a motherfucking cock bitch. I wish I'd found out about this sooner. I've already got plans. ARGH.

4:39 PM, August 03, 2007  

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