Tuesday, October 16, 2007

80 minutes

bill cowher used to refer his former NFL team as the "60 minute men", meaning the 11 guys on the field during the '60 minutes' of an NFL game was aware of each of those 60 minutes & 'gave their all' for each second of those 60 minutes.

i was never much for those sport analogies and considered most of those blurbs as over played cliché but as i pedaled home from the prosperity social club there was many remembrances of the previous 80 minutes flowing through my head.

first i must preface the following thoughts with my 'mindset' entering this experience.
i have been going to prosperity every monday late-night [approx 1 hour after i get home from my monday work shift].
the prosperity has 3 dollar pints these mondays and the atmosphere is usually always relaxed with just a few other patrons going about their monday-evening business which is a perfect 'wind-down' from my 12 hour day.
prosperity has karaoke night every third monday and this i knew from the start that is approximately a handful of months ago.
i am not a huge karaoke fan but i know of the allure and love singing in the shower. with that said, i totally forgot about the karaoke rotation until i was locking my bike this night.
[end preface]

i enter prosperity amongst the continuing growing throng of karaoke fans but quickly notice that there are many 'friendly faces' that i have not seen in a while and a few that i see too often..

[names concealed/not trying to embarrass people]
best few sentences of dialog i heard this 80 minutes:
girl 1: i got jello shots, you want one lou?
me: no thanks, i don't drink liquor.
girl 1: fine. you ready [girl 2]? i think they're best with a straw..
girl 2: i don't really know you but from what i hear, you use your tongue just fine..

girl 1 is actually a nice lady, she believes i hate her but i don't, it's just that i don't relate to her.

i also ran into mikey machine, i have not seen mikey in [what seem like] months and i haven't had the opportunity to sit and talk to him in over a year.
that changed within these 80 minutes and mikey got me excited about the upcoming annual-halloween machine go boom show at pat's on the 27th and news that the 'helper t cells' are doing a halloween show at the beachland on the 31st, the t-cells will be playing the part of the residents this night, i would be a dick if i miss this.

mikey also cleared up a query that i recently commented on at brewedfreshdaily.com
the post dealt with a local photographer that felt he was abused by having a photo he shot on the cover of friday magazine without compensation/credit.
i responded to the post by stating [in abbreviation] that it was probably not the PD getting over on you but the band you shot submitted that photo along with their bio at the PDs request and overlooked/forgot to ask of the photographers OK.
i seen the friday magazine that day at the local coffee shop and noticed a photo near the center of the cover that i shot of brian straw. my first thoughts at the time was 'sweet, straw is getting props..'
i was off to my 2nd shift and was not able to absorb much of this article so i quickly forgot until i read my feed-burner on monday.
mikey said that each band was asked to submit a bio & a band photo that can be published.
that gave me some relief considering that i may have responded to said post prematurely.

there were some other 'things' that happened this night/morning but i'm tired.

the cowher 60 minute analogy may confuse you but the reasoning that i formed during the bike-ride home was that i had just gathered more info in a hour than i usually gather in months of mondays.


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