Thursday, October 11, 2007

in the dark

the deathers in the dark
a few weeks ago i decided to figure out what is wrong with my 'speedlite' flash that attaches above my canon. a year ago that flash started to act strange, the flash would fire but not in timing with my shutter and the picture would come out as if there was no flash at all. i got all frustrated trying to figure if one of the 1000s of settings on the flash was set wrong so i just quit using it and made a mental note to either take it to get repair or talk to someone that had a similar problem with their speedlite.
i ended up doing neither so a few weeks ago i decided to try again to see if i could not remedy the problem myself. this time though i noticed that the 'hot-shoe' [the thing on my camera that the flash attaches to] was a little bent and would not allow my flash to attach and i would have to bend it back to the shape it is supposed to be and i would do this with a screwdriver. eventually i was able to get the external flash to secure to the hot-shoe but could not get the flash to sync with the shutter after messing w/numerous settings and wasting a valuable couple hours i gave up on my attempt to fix it myself.
after realizing that i'm going to have to take the flash into service i turned my attention to my camera and make sure that i did not ruin anything after bending that hot-shoe back into place. well evidently i did partially ruin that part and my camera flash refused to work. my guess is that there is/was a sensor on the hot-shoe that detects if the external flash is on and disables the pop-up flash.

so to make a long story shorter, i have been shooting without the use of a flash for the last few weeks. it is either that or send my camera away for repair and i'm not so anxious about that later choice..

i suppose the positive is that i have learned about shooting in natural light dark much better. it is not that i am not familiar with shooting in dark situations without a flash, i am. though to shoot in dark situations without that option of using a flash and forcing yourself to get a halfway decent shot is a whole different story.

below are some links to recent shoots in dark situations where i had to jack-up the shutter, ISO and aperture settings of my camera and 'grin & bear' the noisy results. judge for yourself on my progress, its going to be a while until i send my camera across the globe to be repaired.

the mekons @ pat's
the deathers @ now thats class
om, circle, daniel higgs @ the grog
studio a rama @ CWRU
razzle dazzle art-show @ art collinwood


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