Tuesday, November 13, 2007

rss feeds

well, not really but the power of RSS allows one to view 'content' without looking at someones crowded blog/website.
RSS feeds have many other powerful advantages aside from my blatant remark such as: following an infinite number of websites without the laggard chore of visiting dozens if not hundreds of pages.
nearly 2 years ago i converted my site [loumuenz.com] to a wordpress site that facilitates the RSS protocol easily and i'm making a concerted effort to incorporate feeds in any new project i'm creating..
one large obstacle for my plans was where i house 80% of my 'content' and that is pbase.com that has just recently [actually 2 months ago but haven't visited their news section in a while] added several RSS qualities in their code and one option allows the user to share their new uploads via an RSS feed.

if you add this feed: http://feeds.pbase.com/feeds/tremont/photos.atom you will receive the uploaded photo in your 'feed burner' [medium size - 400px] that allows you to click on the image for the original pbase page that includes the larger image [800px].
i use the google reader as my feed reader and have not been convinced that there is a better feed burner for viewing of RSS feeds in a congruent user friendly manner.

RSS feed for newly uploaded photos from lou muenz.

google reader.

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Blogger Adam Harvey said...

I use Netvibes, which is pretty sweet.

7:37 AM, November 13, 2007  
Blogger The Tennis Hacker said...

I am reading this via a feed.

10:53 AM, November 27, 2007  

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