Monday, December 03, 2007

2007 year end comp [beta]

i have finished my first draft of my 2007 year-end CD and although a few tracks may be nixed for others it appears that NYC will be well represented with nearly half of the 21 tracks being from bands that originate from NYC..
other year end comps that i have done in the past has had a well representation of the five boroughs not unlike this years version.
i always try to express that this is not my 'best of' the year but just a representation of some music that stood out during the year. since this is compiled by me at the end of the year it is only natural that the albums that were released late in the year would stand out or be in my memory more than those that came out last winter.
that is the main reason that i like to do a 'beta' version of the comp and then re-listen to the music that came out early in the year and make any changes if i feel that i have overlooked something that i should not have.
with that said, it is also apparent that the majority of new albums come out in the fall right before the holidays and therefore the comp is usually weighted down with tracks that were released late in the year.

last year i was late in compiling my end year CD and only distributed a few, this year i hope to have the 2007 year-end compilation finished by the end of this week and start distributing them shortly after that!
i'm going to try to include a FULL COLOR cover this year but we'll see..

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Blogger Adam Harvey said...

I never did get one from last year. I just finished up the cover for mine as well.

If you need a CD cover template file, I can send you mine, it's right on the money.

6:19 AM, December 05, 2007  

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