Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 CD compilation

[if reading this in a feedburner, you'll probably not see the above flash image]

i've finalized my 2007 year end compilation a couple weeks ago but just recently [yesterday at work] finished the final cover..
my apologies to those of you that have received the CD with the generic cover that took me all of 5 minutes to create. i really wanted to add some liner notes or something but simply don't have time for all that.
the comp cover has a photo of the cover of each CD that is featured on the compilation not including EL-P's latest LP "i'll sleep when your dead", this became the odd man out because the artwork don't live up to quality of the music on that album.
i did discover one glitch of sorts on the track listing and that is track 17 'clint eastwood [fuka remix]' does not include the band name which is the gorillaz from their 'D sides' album, a much more interesting take on their UK phenom 'demon days' b-side album 'g-sides'. this song may not be on the US version of the CD but i'm certain it is on the japanese version.
there were a handful of changes in the track listing from my first take of this compilation and if i get some motivation i'll burn a CD of some bands that did not make this CD, which may include LCD soundsystem, a place to bury strangers , blonde redhead, spoon, new pornographers, muamin collective & more boggs! [the boggs album 'forts' was one of the most pleasantly surprising bands of the year for me since i first seen them at the beachland tavern last summer]

below are several songs featured on this CD, most of these i found on MP3 search engine '' and pasted the URLs in a flash MP3 player..

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