Monday, February 04, 2008

the cleveland lottery league

cleveland rock lottery leagues 2008 draft

the long anticipated *lottery league* draft was held this past super saturday at asterisk gallery.

**brief synopsis: start with 170 willing participants from various bands from northeast ohio. choose teams [bands] by pulling number out of a hopper, go five rounds until all teams are chosen without having a band member that was in a band previously with.
next part of this process will give the 33 new bands 6+ weeks to write songs, practice/rehearse and the last process will be to perform live at the top clubs in cleveland.**

there may of been doubts by some that were involved in the lottery league if this great idea would ever materialize but as long as i have known jae kristoff i know better than to underestimate his ability to get people involved & motivated [ie: punkrock softball, shitzstock etc.].
though i would be lying if i said i didn't have doubts of how many of the 170+ invited participants from over [i'm guessing] 80 local bands would show up for the initial draft. i know when your dealing with band dudes & dudettes it easy to get a yes when you see them but to have them still willing to commit to a huge endeavor a few weeks down the road is always an other story.

i would have to confirm with jae but my estimate is that there were at least 95% of those invited that did showed up and participated. that in its self is a minor miracle.

some of the guests of honor included mark leddy of the beachland ballroom & greg of 'music saves' fame. michael pultz asked me to fill in for the other GOH and i'll like to thank all those for their generous 'love' and michael's embellished introduction. i don't take praise well but it was real nice especially after how the rest of the week went..

my photos of the draft are here [incomplete gallery] the rest should be uploaded soon. the lottery league blog jae started sunday is here & the myspace lottery league page, here & radio dystopia.

much love goes out to not only jae but michael pultz, john delzoppo, ed sotelo, marty kramer, alyuss, paul, laura and the rest of the throng who were videotaping/manning the door/conducting interviews, etc..

i'll have more on how this is progressing as well as my "picks to click" in future postings but for now you can read below the list of names and the bands that they are now a member of.

show/hide me

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Blogger Adam Harvey said...

That's completely awesome.

10:17 AM, February 05, 2008  
Blogger BBC said...

Any chance the finalist bands could stage a mini-Woodstock in WC Reed Park overlooking the Cleveland Skyline??? It's a beauty of a park complete with basketball courts and baseball diamonds...

10:42 AM, February 05, 2008  

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