Friday, February 29, 2008

hungry jack, twist it nasty & dr widget

twist it nasty - click for all band practices of date
this is my second post of my experience of trying to photograph as many of the 33 lottery league band practices i can in 8 weeks. the other band practice photos are here, all my lottery league posts are here.

'twist it nasty' is the first LL band i've encountered that has a horn, lou was working the sax until his lips started to swell and then he switched to the plastic trumpet before that gave out as well. not sure how to explain the sound, maybe boz scaggs without the boz or a spaghetti western without the pasta.
actually i believe karen is handling the vocals off site with the process of singing over the WAV files recorded via pro tools. the vocal/lyrics will most likely change any impressions i garnered from this practice session.

[TWIST IT NASTY - Glen McNeil (JJ Magazine, Space Age Miracles), Edward Angel Sotelo (Cobra Verde, The Conservatives),Karen Wegryn (Panterydactyl, Mother Button)
Lou Arocho (The X Bolex, Small Object A)]

photos / myspace

'dr widget' have been honing their soft caribbean sound sans the bongos & steel drums & a rhythm guitar being played on a bass.
this is another band that has decided to do the vocals off site though mike-o did play a song that he previously overdubbed his vocals. the tune sounded quite different with michaels singing and quirky lyrics. though i've seen mike-o perform a couple dozen times with a handful of different bands this was the first time i heard his singing voice and was quite impressed, he seems like a natural.

dr widget plans a 'fan participation' diddy for the april 12 shindig at the beachland and i'm anxious to see how it turns out.

[DR. WIDGET - Michael Lassins (To Be A Highpowered Executive), Mike Ocampo (JJ Magazine, Mystery of Two), Carol Schumacher (Tough & Lovely, Detroit Cobras)
Jarmara (Dad of Rock)]

photos / not yet

'hungry jack' had their first practice this last tuesday and it sounded like it. their one band mate 'jenna' was stranded in youngstown with the recent snowstorm so i hope to make it out to another of their practices that she is able to arrive safely to.
jenna will be adding her soft vocals to a very hard-cut jagged stone and that is what i'm interested in seeing deployed or more specifically; how it is deployed..

HUNGRY JACK - Lisa Pouluvcin (Hot Cha Cha, The Very Knees), Matt Majesky (The X Bolex, State of Ohio), Tony Merritt (Freedom, Chum), Jenna Barvitski (Giants of Gender, The Devotees)

photos / not yet

i also was able to check in on another practice of 'rad bathhouse'. their second practice had one more member [keyboardist 'gabe spray'] than the first but the bassist 'porno pete' was unable to make either practice.
RB pretty much forgot the couple songs they wrote at the previous practice outside of one of the songs had the line: 'and dudes and dudes and dudes' so jae ccuzi had to invent some new lyrics that could describe man in a song and the beauty of men showering together [i'm paraphrasing RB's mission statement].
gabes keyboards went a long way in filling out RBs sound but they still badly need their bassist.

photos / myspace

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