Monday, February 25, 2008

lottery league: the first few weeks

jovavas witness
it has been a lil over 3 weeks since the LL draft and now all bands are named and most bands have acclimated themselves to their new band mates and have a couple/few practices under their belt.

my goal during this period between the draft & april 12 is to photo document as many bands involved, during their practices, something that seems easier said than done. 7 of the first 10 bands i went to see practice either rescheduled or canceled, there is a cold/flu bug going around and that combined with scheduling conflicts with other band mates [remember all of these people have other bands & full-time jobs], that small percentage of my success does not seem so unbelievable [at least that is what i keep telling myself].

this weekend i got a break and had success with three bands: 'big sex', 'cleveland public power' & 'jovanas witness'.

'big sex' has one of the few out-of-town members with skot from columbus but has a couple sweet sounding songs down thanks to skot who came prepared to their practices with song ideas prepared on a CDR thus making the most of their 2 practices to date. BS direction seems to contradict what i was expecting from the mega rock bands skot has been in i.e. '1point3' & 'rancid yak butter tea party'. BS has more of an electronica/bouncy keyboard sound with the soft vocals of mandy.
[Bob Zieger (Darvocets, Cider), Mandy Aramouni (Hot Cha Cha, Poor Sailor), Carrie Bukala (Machine Go Boom, Kill Shawn's Head), Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft, Dead Peasant Insurance), Skot Thompson (OnePointThree, Rancid Yak Butter Tea Party)]

big sex shots

'cleveland public power' which i thought was one of the best named lottery bands [along with 'good news for people with credit problems'] if not all of existing cleveland bands. CPP was composing a new song during my hour stay so my impression of their sound was as if josh & john was doing one thing as steve & jack was doing something completely different, this seemed very odd but i could see that if they get it right it will be awesome. CPP did play one song for me that they had on the computer which sounded much more refined yet RAW & HARD.
[John Delzoppo (Clan of the Cave Bear, Yeti Scalp), Josh Banaszak (Homostupids, McShitz), Jack Smiley (Hard Luck Trio, 9 Volt Haunted House), Steve Stanaszek (???)]

CPP shots / band myspace

'jovana witness' named from their 'bonus baby' jovana batkovic of hot cha cha has jojo singing but not in quite the same manner as HCC. chris keyboards are also very busy [in a good way] & the three other dudes give a rough edge to their shiny rock.
[Stanton Thatcher (Tall Pines, Tokyo Storm Warning)
John Kalman (Roue), Michael Marks (To Be A Highpowered Executive), Chris Frohring (Bedwhistle), Jovana Batkovic (Hot Cha Cha)]

jovavas witness shots / band myspace

the couple bands i caught previously are:

'rad bathhouse' had two of the members missing one which was practicing next door w/'sun god' yet they were able to write and practice one song, come up with member names and name an official photographer [lou fa] all in the first couple hours of their first practice.
i'm not sure how to explain RB sound but i'll start with saying that i'ld be careful not to bend over for the soap while showering in this bathhouse. the music reminds me a lil bit of the early days of cleveland band & pitchfork darling 'girl talk' with less soda pop and hi-jinx but i'll give them time before i'll say that the difference is that you'll never see RB performing in front of 5 people on a school night at pat's 18 months before blowing up & performing before thousands of hipsters at an outdoor tent in chicagos grant park.

rad bathhouse shots
/ band myspace

'free moments' was spending an inordinate amount of time coming up with band names when i seen them practice a week ago monday and that is the worst thing i can say about them after witnessing FM write & compose songs at an alarming rate during the 90 mins i spent at R&R city. 'roder' was pretty much writing the songs as he heard the music with every once in a while stopping to ask 'you think that line should be 'yum pizza!' or whatnot?
each band member seemed that he knew his role and was comfortable with it. most ideas other members had were immediately incorporated in the song they were working on which came as a surprise considering the band members of 'free moments' range from straight edge/power pop/indie pop. 'free moments' gets my *got your shit together within a week award* despite being one of the last to decide on one name.
[John Polomsky (Bare Essentials), Dale Ursic (Homostupids, The X Bolex),Mike Rodemann (No Peace, Puncture Wound), Dave Petrovich (The Very Knees, The Perfect Guy)]

free moments shots

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