Monday, February 11, 2008

RIP mark d'angelo 1970-2008

RIP mark dangelo
i heard the news of marks passing from tim in the lobby of the beachland ballroom this past saturday night. i can't say we were close but i considered mark a good friend and enjoyed the moments when i was around him. i wrote down some of my memories of mark that flooded my head when i first heard the news. those of you that were fortunate enough to know mark feel free to add your memories, we'll all be happy to read them.

* i show up to see madman mundt[s] last show at moe's on april 3rd, 2005 and as soon as i walked in the door & opened my wallet for the door gal, mark comes running across the floor and immediately informs the girl that i'm on the list. mark performs a strong set before a sparse weekday night crowd and later thanks me for making it out and digs in his bag for a madman mundt tee-shirt he has for me, sweet..

* after a long night of drinking at shitzstock, i awake from my tent and make it to the campfire before most everyone is up. mark suddenly appears out of the tall grass with a bottle of rum in his hand and a big smile on his face, i ask him if he has started drinking already, mark replies that he never went to sleep. hours later, mark is performing w/weeds from a perfect garden.

* during a punk-rock softball game, mark shows up with an oven mitt for a glove ready to play right field. later in the game mark is seen squating at his position in right with his pants down to his knees. mark instantly becomes legendary with those who particapated at PRS and when i got the dire news of his death someone said 'i don't think i know him and j explains "the guy who shit in right field during PRS", said forgetfull quickly remembers as he lets out an 'oh my god'.

* mark was not embarressed by his PRS fame and i actually think he was proud of it. last summer after a long day at work i retrieved a couple phone messages i have waiting for me and the first message i have is someone using a weird masked voice speaking of all kinds of crazy things until there 60-seconds is up. the second message continues where the previous one left off and then mark starts cracking up and confesses that it was him with the fake voice. mark adds "you may not remember me but i'm the one who took a dump in right field during a punk-rock softball game" before he can get to the reason he called the 2nd 60 seconds is up and the message stops, mark never bothered to call back to explain why he called. i'm quite certain that mark knew that i would recognise his name but he wanted to make sure i knew it was him that has the PRS legend. i saved those messages for quite a while but when my power went out, the messages got deleted.

* this past fall in tremont i rounded a corner on my bike and there jogging on the side of the road was mark in shorts and a tee-shirt. i stopped for a couple seconds to say hey but could tell by his jogging in place as we spoke that he had 'bigger fish to fry' so i cut our chat short. i never expected to run into mark jogging the streets and i felt good for him. not only was it the best/fittest i ever seen him, it was the last i would ever see him..

i'll miss you mark!

RIP mark dangelo

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Blogger keith marlowe said...

i'm looking at photos i took of mark right now. there is a great one of him jumping off the sink at the Black Eye, caught forever in mid-air, while in real life he went on to catch me in a burly flying tackle that crushed me to the filthy kitchen floor.....

i'm going to try to get some photos i took of mark scanned and post them here.

i'll miss you Mark.


2:47 AM, February 12, 2008  
Blogger lou m said...

i'ld like to see them pics keith.

11:34 PM, February 13, 2008  

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