Wednesday, March 12, 2008

born raped, gandhi SS

born raped at rock & roll city
unfortunately the snowstorm canceled the lottery league bowling night this past saturday and has been rescheduled for the 'ides of march' which is also a saturday this year as it was when julius ceaser was assassinated.

i was able to visit a couple practices the week that led up to the snowstorm, the first thing i noticed when i got to the practice cubicle of 'born raped' at R&R city was all the 'stuff' they have in their space, i spotted a large TV [jim-konya uses this to keep his kick from drifting], a few chairs, radios, several amps, lawn furniture, traffic cones, rugs, a hot plate, lawn darts, tape decks and much more that i am not able to recall.
jim konya [funny rant] gave me a big smile & high-five when he seen me come in exclaiming "yes! a steeler fan!" much to the dismay of his bassist jimmy-d.
roxanne was working on a couple songs on the keytar as jim was beating the living shit out of a large set of drums. JK was very open minded in any direction the band was exploring and roxanne was doing her best to key something that could soften the virile sound the others were creating.
i'm not sure if i was there long enough to hear one song all the way through as BR practiced pieces & parts of different tunes to be assembled later.

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[BORN RAPED: Jim Konya (Nunslaughter, Schnauzer), Roxanne Starnik (Blisse Anonyon Atu, JJ Magazine), Mike Tolan (Tusco Terror, 6 Parts 7), Jimmy Donadio (Flat Can Co., Speaker/Cranker)]

'gandhi SS' is one of the few five piece lottery league bands and this was their first practice with all five members. SS has two bassists including melissa that was trying to learn the couple songs her band had wrote previously in her absence.
as i wrote about earlier, the biggest obstacle for the LL bands is arranging practice times that is convenient for all band members especially when you consider that nearly everyone involved in this has full-time jobs and are members of other bands that have practices & shows scheduled of their own.

the two songs that gandhi SS were practicing this evening sounded great and nearly flawless considering the limited time that they have worked on them.

photos / myspace

[GANDHI SS: Matt Fish (Lives of the Saints, Chargers Street Gang), Davis Straub (State of Ohio, Neo Nothing), Adrian Bertolone (Ay, Shells), Noah Hrbek (To Be A Highpowered Executive), PP Envy (Kill The Hippies)]

the tuesday after the snowstorm i was able to make it to another 'rad bathhouse' practice at 'zombie proof'. RB is another five-piece that has yet to have all members present for any one session but that apparently has not slowed them down. with at least five songs in the can RB was writing another diddy i named 'hot towels, beers and queers', a pop-rock anthem that will have the kids going crazy on the evening of april 12.
pete made it to his first practice after a tour with 'sun god' but he quickly caught on and added some much needed bass. hearing jae ccuzi sing a ballad was also fun especially that very few vocalists [if any] involved in the LL are 'singing a different tune' what i mean by that is that most vocalists in the other 16+ bands i've seen practice so far is pretty much going with the same style they are used to.

there was some mention of the 'legalities' of 'outsiders' or those not drafted in said band writing songs for the 'rad bathhouse' but i believe that worry is just paranoia especially considering that it is fine for the lottery league bands to do covers of others and that fact coupled with the reality that this band has been averaging a couple members short each rehearsal should make that query a non-issue but i may have a 'conflict of interest' in that regard..

photos / myspace

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