Wednesday, March 19, 2008

lottery league bowling night & slot selection process

lottery league bowling night at mahalls

lottery league slot selection
the rescheduled lottery league bowling night took place this past saturday at mahall lanes. every band sans three were represented this night that allowed for bands to be choose what stage and time slot they want to perform on at the big show on april 12.

the draft chose the teams/bands six weeks ago, the slot selection process ran the same way by picking ping-pong balls out of a hopper and whatever band name the ball read a representative of said band would decide not only which time slot they would like to perform their 10 minute set but also which of the three beachland stages they desire.

the LL will have the main ballroom stage [blue], the tavern stage [red] and an auxiliary side stage [red] left of the ballroom stage, the first band goes on at 5pm to perform their 10 minute set, there is a 15 minute break after every 9 bands. the first bands picked from the hopper had the first choice of where & when they would go on, the three bands that did not represent were given slots randomly by the 'council of chiefs' that were remaining after all others were chosen. props to john neeley for DJing some choice cuts tonight.

i pasted the complete schedule below, here is a photo of 'the big show' board that was at the selection process in mahall's lobby. the bowling photos are here. photos of the ping-pong pull for slot selections at the end of the evening are here.

i'll have a few more band practices [semper fi, shampoon, hapsburg lip] posted within the next few days.

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