Wednesday, March 26, 2008

lottery league props

i'm quite certain i've been remiss with giving propers to a couple people that are instrumental in the lottery leagues success to date. jae kristoff is the fellow who thought up this great idea and had the motivation to get [nearly] hundreds involved & excited so much so that i consider the idea to be a huge success already without being close to the end game. i'm not sure exactly what the 'end-game' exactly is for the LL though the 'big-show' is april 12 at the beachland ballroom/tavern where all 33 bands will perform on three stages and there is a compilation CD planned to come out as well as a DVD but i believe the relationships and camaraderies amongst many of those involved that either did not know of each other or only knew through what they heard or read, will have a positive affect that will last for years in cleveland's music scene.

i wanted to write this post before the scene magazine article that features the lottery league arrives at local cafes & pubs later this afternoon, for the main reason that i doubt the article will detail much of jae's involvement in the project and that isn't the scene magazines fault because jae went out of his way to become unnoticed through all of this and divert attention away from him and towards the bands & musicians that have went out of their way to make their band and the project succeed.
jae had as much success as staying invisible as the creator of the league as he has had in getting the project off the ground. i did not quite realize jae's anonymity within the league until i was shooting a 'gandhi ss' practice a couple weeks ago that had the writer from the scene present interviewing members of the band and one of the questions the writer asked was 'how did you all become involved in this project' [i'm paraphrasing] and davis spoke up when others were searching for an answer and said 'well, i'm not really sure, i remember someone asking me and i said: eh, yah, sure!' [paraphrasing again], the others in the room gave similar answers. those replies don't seem so shocking unless you happen to know that davis grew up with jae in lorain and has been in a couple bands with him including 'self destruct button', it took me a few seconds to pick my jaw off the ground and realize what a coup jae pulled off with his anonymity.
i'm not sure if the writer interviewed jae and if she did, i'm sure his answer would of been the same as davis not unlike when the free times writer asked jae who it was that came up with punk-rock softball and he replied: 'i think it was lou menz'. heh.

there are also several more folks that deserves thanks for their time and effort: john delzoppo, michael pultz & ed sotelo belong on top of that list, alyssa, paul, laura, matt, mike also put aside time & effort as well as some others i'm sure i'm forgetting, my apologies.

jae probably won't appreciate me shining light on them here but i thought it was only right and i'm hoping the tentative title is not what i recently heard.

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Blogger So Buttons said...

Hey Lou, a hearty thanks to you for documenting the whole thing, too. True blue. Thanks! As a former Clevelander relocated to Xanadu, your sites are total heart-swelling voyeurism. There was a lot of bad magic in charge when I left town- aggressive medication, weird pizza holes, loony egos, reckless hostility, etc. The new order looks good. Up with yeasayers.

8:36 PM, March 26, 2008  

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