Monday, March 24, 2008

semper fi, shampoon & stimulus package

lottery league practices
during the draft that chose the bandmates for each of the LL bands it appeared that 'band 29' was the one band assembling a group of all punk dudes until michaels number came up and poltz found himself in his first punk outfit complete with vegan appetites, DIY principles, crass jokes and america bashing. the ironic part of all this happening was that michael had to kick-out a drunken vic from the beachland only a couple weeks before finding out that guy he cursed over and clearly stated 'i don't care WHO his friend he is' is now his LL bassist.

i tried to imagine what their first get-together was like and if someone asked 'what kinda music should we play'? i doubt if that question ever came up even though after six weeks of visiting practices i still hear that question arise in different forms from a couple of the other bands.

as their name implies, 'semper fi' not only had their songs written, named & sufficiently rehearsed but they also have their theatrics & choreography planned, what costumes/haircuts they'll don, how the lighting should be at the show, which sound samples from war movies they plan to use, which stage they desired [before the slot selection], a recording date set and they also went through their whole 9 minute 26 second set a number of times the hour i visited in what i believe was their third or fourth practice at the tower.

maybe they should of named themselves: 'less-than-a-minute men'.

'semper fi' is another one of those bands that i would not miss regardless of how bad you have to pee during the late hours of april 12 at the beachland. the website i linked below is the bands third after the first 2 was deleted by myspace, they also have a 'fan-site' which i heard was more raw than their deleted two [neither are SFW].

[SEMPER FI: Marc Russo (Sun God, No Peace), Beckett Warren (ICUP, Beckett and Friends), Michael Pultz (blktygr, Seers), Victor Anaya (McShitz, Pathetics)]

photos / myspace / fan-site

'shampoon' is the lottery leagues only three piece that has 3 vocalists, 3 drummers & 3 guitarists, though the night of the 'big show' they will have no vocals and no one behind the drum-kit.
'shampoon' did not plan on being a 3 piece nor did they plan on not having no vocals but how it was explained to me is that their fourth member: leslie bassola,[sp?] bailed after their first practice and hasn't returned any emails or phone calls. no one in the band has any idea who leslie is or how she got in the lottery league nor has anyone heard of the alleged band she was in, reportedly named 'viral minds'.

the night i dropped into shampoon's practice the troika did not seem to care what they did or didn't have and were working on an intricate instrumental with nate & andrew on guitars & shawn on keyboards. nate is going to record the drums so they'll at least sound like a full band april 12.

[SHAMPOON: Nate Schieble (The X Bolex, Self Destruct Button), Andrew Penmer (Plasma For Guns, Tightrope Kaleidoscope, Afternoon Naps), Shawn Mishak (Kid Tested, Franchise)]

photos /

'stimulus package' is the first lottery league band i shot at the compound these previous six weeks, i know that 'psych' practices here as well but they practice falls on a monday night and i work every monday night..

i was told that SP was having their first practice with vocals when i arrived and thus they were recording via the computer. this was also the first [i quit cringing on the number of times i hear myself type 'first' during these LL blogs, the fact is that the league was specifically setup and arranged by jae for an innumerable amount of 'firsts' to happen, thats the genius in it..] that i've heard of britt on lead vocals and she appears to be quite comfortable with that role.

the final 45 minutes that i was able to witness of SP's practice they were able to record a couple short songs in just a few takes regardless of the trash can being full of empty 16oz sparks cans. the catchy number brittany named 'motorboat' had a 'heart' kinda feel to it though despite britt's slight resemblance to [a young] ann wilson and the fact that 'crazy on you' was written under the influence of mushrooms, i'll wrap up by saying the coincidences ended there.

[STIMULUS PACKAGE: Kevin Jaworski (Sun God, Nine Shocks Terror), Matt Jauch (Boatzz, Chalkline), Rodny Davis (Dad of Rock), Brittany Hudak (The Very Knees, Shesus)

photos / myspace

my next LL posting should include: 'harsburg lip', 'postcards from a foreign shore' & 'chicago UK'

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