Tuesday, April 08, 2008

chicago UK / harsburg lip

chicago uk
i did not get a real good feel of 'harsburg lip' after stopping by their practice for 45 minutes a couple weeks ago and was trying to make it back there when their cellist was present but that never came to being.
the few photos i shot was when HP was recording guitar & drum tracks, i'll be interested what the vocals & cello add to their sound at THE BIG SHOW this upcoming saturday the 12 of april at the beachland.

photos / myspace

[HAPSBURG LIP: Mike Baranick (Machine Go Boom, Washout Corporation), Zach Starnik (JJ Magazine, Sammy Slims), Matthew Gengler (Aloha, The Perfect Guy),Tara Klein (Unsparing Sea, Akron Symphony Orchestra)]

'chicago UK' practices at the starkweather space that has been somewhat of a black hole for me when i was trying to shoot 'fuck is the new black' after four unsuccessful tries, i eventually did get to shoot FITNB and will have that posting later this week..
'chicago UK' has a hodgepodge of sounds going on in their that they were practicing which features short catchy lil rock/punk songs with silly lyrics, you can listen for yourself by going to their myspace page where they have 3 of their pop-jams ready to stream.
i did come away with some decent photos in the short 2o minutes i was there which was actually my lunch break of my monday evening job.

photos / myspace

[CHICAGO UK: Jon Thomas (Volcanos Awake), David Russel (Jerk, A Real Knife Head)
Ken Janssen (Hot Rails, The Vista Cruisers), Morte Treehorn (Kill The Hippies, Electric Man), Dave Cintron (Terminal Lovers, Dimbulb)]

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