Friday, April 04, 2008

dehumidifier VS humidifier recording video

dehumidifier VS humidifier is another lottery league band that has far varying musical tastes that differ with each other and are taking on a stoner-rock sound that i believe none of them has performed before. half of the band members are currently playing in pop-indie bands and the other half are known through their hard rock duos.

this is my first lottery league post that i have included video with. i enjoy documenting with video quite a bit but my five year old video handycam no longer records video after i fell off my bike on a patch of ice during a 7 degree evening a couple februarys ago.

the video i captured this evening was with my eight year old olympus UZI that is actually a 'point & shoot' digital camera that allows you to capture video in 15 second files. i shot about six 15 second videos to come up with this <2 minute video after editing which i only spent about 30 minutes on. i may have been able to get a better video if i spent more time editing but it was after 3am and i was dog tired.

the video shows rob recording gheramys vocals at the old tower after the other two DvsH members left for home. greg & JP never heard vocals on this song they recorded tonight so if you watch the video within the next couple days you will hear the song in its finished form before the other half of their band hears it. remember this video is just portions of the DvsH song 'wolf lies' which is actually about 4.5 minutes long.

when i heard them perform and record the song without vocals it reminded me of a captain beefheart tune that i still can't remember the name of, after hearing the vocals i'm reminded of the band kyuss.

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[DEHUMIDIFIER VS. HUMIDIFIER: Greg Hyland (Kiddo, The Twilight), JP Gamier (Zyklus II, Glocknein), Gheramy Demery (Poor Sailor, Golden Ox), Rob Resch (Ohm's Law, I Sing The Body Electric)]

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