Wednesday, April 09, 2008

fuck is the new black

fuck is the new black
i wrote previously of the one band that has had five canceled or rescheduled practices and i showed up for all five of those practices with no avail. 'fuck is the new black' is the band i'm speaking of and the only reason i was so persistent is that their space [starkweather] is only 2 blocks from my place and it falls on an 'off' night for me and i genuinely wanted to see them.
the sixth attempt i was reassured by joe milan that this time things appear to be more promising and they are now practicing at scharfs space and joe even included a address on the email instead of 'the big house on 14th, north or maybe just south of clark'.

the practice was sort of a jam session and i say that in a good way. will scharf is pretty amazing to watch on drums, below his drum kit is a big pile of little splinters of wood from his sticks and his cymbals all have these ridges on the outside like you would see on a apple pie.
i thought previously that FITNB would be that one band might not make it but i'm pretty certain that their logistic problems are behind them and that they will be there along with everyone else on april 12 at the beachland for the BIG SHOW.

photos / myspace

[FUCK IS THE NEW BLACK: Will Scharf (Keelhaul, Craw), Jamie Bennett (Unsparing Sea)
Matt Valerino (Bella Sylva, Volcanos Awake), Joe Milan (Uva Ursi, Hookboy)]

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