Friday, April 11, 2008

postcards along a foreign shore

'postcards along a foreign shore' practices at the 'leroi da moor' studios off of st. claire & 55th in a brick building they share with a dance studio specializing in the 'balboa' & jitterbug dance styles. PAAFS was all seated for their practice and the only ones thats appeared for dancing was rafeeqs turtles but i think their dance was for food.

the best i could describe postcards sound would be 'free-rock' or free jazz with rock tendencies supplied by a couple guitars, rafeeq mentioned that he was hoping to get picked for a band that he could strap a guitar on though this was not the band that that opportunity would arise and feeq seemed happy with working the trumpet and fingering the keys.

i added a short video [37"] of a small part of their practice and although the picture is crap the audio sounds good or at least decent enough to give you a good representation of their sound.

photos / myspace / video

[POSTCARDS ALONG FOREIGN SHORES: Dustin Thomas (Casual Future), Matthew Robinson (To Be A Highpowered Executive, 20goto10), Kyle Farrell (Giants of Gender), Dan Polito (Karate For Kids), Rafeeq Washington (blktygr, Vernacular)]

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