Thursday, February 05, 2009

lottery league art show @ arts collinwood

arts collinwood gallery
opening reception: feb. 6, 2009 6-9pm
runs through march 14.
rock show:
beachland ballroom feb.6 9pm - $5.00

i'm was a little apprehensive about this upcoming art show mainly because the show was just a week away and i still didn't know what was exactly asked of me besides that they wanted me to display some of my photos from the lottery league experiment that lasted 10 weeks last winter.
the LL was the most time i have ever spent on one project and included nearly 50 photo shoots of the draft, band practices, bowling outings and the 'BIG SHOW' that had 33 bands perform in one evening.

i will have about sixty photos displayed, laura webb, mike levy, ron kretch & perhaps some others will have photos displayed of LL as well.

the details from this event that i copied from the beachland ballroom are below.
In April 2008, a group of 130 musicians and volunteers who playfully called themselves "The Council of Chiefs" presented LOTTERY LEAGUE: THE BIG SHOW to a packed house at the Beachland Ballroom. This large-scale musical project, many months and hours in the making, brought an injection of innovation and fun to Cleveland's already-thriving underground music scene. Through the Lottery League, randomly-generated bands wrote, performed and recorded new music. All involved made new friends, got new thrills, and had a blast being part of a groundbreaking experience.
Those months may have come and gone, but the Lottery League legacy lives on. From February 6, the Beachland will once again host many of the bands from THE BIG SHOW--as well as others who may have popped up in the wake of the League. What's bringing everybody back again? The release of the LOTTERY LEAGUE CD, featuring artwork, photos, studio recordings from the bands, along with live performances from THE BIG SHOW. Also helping to bring back the fun of THE BIG SHOW is Arts Collinwood, who over the course of these two nights will be showing photos and video work by Mike Levy, Laura Webb, Lou Muenz, and others who chronicled the Lottery League and its various escapades.
If you dug THE BIG SHOW the first time, you'll really want to attend this two-night extravaganza. If you didn't check out this now-Cleveland Classic, come out and see what all the hubbub was about! With any luck, and a little bit of beer, this special LOTTERY LEAGUE event will be just as jaw-droppingly awesome as last year's!

cleveland lottery league

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