Monday, February 09, 2009

cleveland lottery league wrap-up

the last musical event of the inaugural cleveland lottery league went down this weekend at the beachland ballroom with a CD release show that had several bands of the league performing on stage. the visual art [documentation] was also on display at 'art collinwood' which is about 50 paces west of the ballroom.
the best part of the evening was the bands, there are videos of 'twist it nasty' & 'valley of life' i shot here.
i have to run to work in a few minutes so i'll quickly go over some important points of the LL event.
-lottery league II will kickoff february 2010
-the LL-I compilation CD with the 12 page booklet and diverse 19 tracks of original music is quite an item!
-the only way to get that CD if you were not at the show is detailed below, the price is only 10 bucks for the factory priced disk AND that includes shipping!

Purchase your Cleveland Lottery League Vol 1 cd w/12 page booklet. Free shipping. All for $10 @ Paypal, go here.

All money from CD goes towards the 2010 Lottery League

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