Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bongo Make Manscape - Lottery League Practice Sessions

Bongo Make Manscape consists of: Joey Milan, Ruwani Kiringoda, Ian P.E. and Pablo Cerda.

Many of the 2010 Lottery League bands have been rehearsing their sets till they are comfortable with the timing and fluidity of the songs before they begin rehearsing them with vocals and BMM is one of those bands. Ruwani has been writing lyrics and Joe was contemplating about where to place the vocals during their songs, that happen to have several tempo changes.
Joe mentioned that he has not sung vocals since his part in the Musical "Browns Rules", a production the Cleveland Public Theater produced last year. I am looking forward to how this band evolves, that wait is less than two weeks away [April 10], break a leg, Lottery League players!

Photos are here.

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