Friday, March 26, 2010

Devils Feet - Lottery League Practice Sessions

Devil's Feet consists of: Mike Rodemann, Brent Gemmill, Christopher Hoke & Justin Nyilas. DF has had a handful of practices but this was the first with Justin since their first. The band has written and practiced a couple solid songs since then and they were in the process of orienting Justin to what they had completed without the bass guitar.
I captured tentatively titled 'Dance!' & 'Not Breathing, Anymore' during this rehearsal as they were incorporating the bassist. A video and Mp3 file are both below, photos are here.

Brent shares this comfortable space that dubs as a recording studio with David Cintron, Dave also uses the space for his Lottery League band 'Melted Face Constitutional", I hope to catch their practice next week.

Devils Feet - Not Breathing

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