Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Elks - 2010 Lottery League

i was chosen [via the letter L] in the *bonus* round of the 2010 lottery league by band #27. our second practice was this past tuesday evening, this night consisted mostly of refining the two songs that were written during the first practice and creating a third ballet-type song.
it appears that the longest song is going to come in at the 3 minute range with the others being approximately half that length.

the video below has the band working on that 3rd song, keep in mind that any video/audio i post here are rough takes, the structure of these songs have changed from practice to practice [yes, both of them].

our band consists of nate scheible [drums], matt jauch [guitar], chris rood [bass], greg miller [lead vocals] & me, lou muenz [visuals, theramocals, other].

below is an mp3 of the first song we worked on during our first practice.

here are some photos from the two practices we have had so far.

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