Monday, March 22, 2010

The Elks - After The Meeting :: LLPS

Our band The Elks have gone through a month of practice and are at the stage of refining our set and fulfilling our obligations as a Lottery League band, that includes a band photo, logo and bio, submitted in less than two weeks [March 31].

The image on the left is a logo I came up for the band and it is undergoing small changes, therefore it is still unofficial. As for the band photo, we have a lot to choose from after our five hour video-shoot [not required] yesterday. The bio is another story and I'm not exactly sure where that is at but I'm not totally opposed with having the CoC's supply that for us which they threatened to do for those that don't comply with the deadlines.

I have been honing my skills on the theremin, this entails waving ones hands about as if one was attempting to take flight with only the use of their arms as wings. I am not sure if the theremin has added anything of value to the song itself but it is sure fun to play with.
The video/photo shoot shots are here.

We were given the week off from practice because of our evident separation of preparedness from the rest of the league. The song below is: "After The Meetings Over" and it has my theremin whining in the background. Here are some photos from our video/photo shoot,

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