Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Final Expenses - Lottery League Practice Sessions

final expenses practice photosFinal Expenses [Band 2] is: Mike Uva, John Neeley, Greg Hyland & Shannon Kerrigan.
This band practice was the first as a full band due to illness and scheduling conflicts, Final Expenses had a couple songs written and were working on chords, harmony and timing with those songs this afternoon. The band plans to write lyrics for the vocal parts which made rehearsing the vocal and harmonies a little awkward.

As always, be sure to keep in mind that the videos and audio posted here are from *practices* of musicians that never performed together previously. The video below is a first run of a song that plans to include vocal harmonies but has no lyrics yet so it would be wise not to expect Crosby , Stills & Nash at this point. Here is a handful of pics from the rehearsal.

Mp3 of FE practicing a guitar piece.

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