Saturday, March 06, 2010

Google - Lottery League Practice Session

March 5, 2009 - Lottery League Practice Sessions

Google [band 32] consists of Dominic Ricciardi [drums], Alex Henry [horn], Brendan Sedlak [guitar], Tony Vorell [guitar, xylophone].

When I walked into Google's practice, they were working on their 10 minute masterpiece, breaking down the song in parts and pieces and using the chalkboard extensively.

I arrived towards the last hour of the practice and the band seemed to be in the refinement stage of creating the instrumental. The video below has the band working an intricate portion of the song, the video is just one of the several takes of the same piece that they were trying to master.
Below the video is a six minute mp3 of a rough take of the complete song that happens to be incomplete.

Though the band is just partially through with completion of the piece, I dug the flow and feel of the song, reminding me of Brendan's days in Self Destruct Button.

Photos from the Google practice, here.

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