Thursday, March 11, 2010

Milk & Cookies - Lottery League Practice Sessions

Milk And Cookies [Band 9] Consists of Jonathan Morgan, Jim Karpinski, Lauren Voss & Jack Geers [Smiley].

M&C has the most practices under their belt [5] than any other LL band I visited to date and it shows, the band has three songs written and is at the refinement stage of rehearsing, trying to get the songs to the proper length while tweaking this or that.

The video below was shot in Jacks upstairs office that dubs as the practice space, the afternoon sun was at full bore on this Sunday and made photography a challenge as I tried to shoot into it from the other side of this quaint space.
The song was referred to as "that jazzy thing" by Laura, I don't think any of the songs have yet been titled.

The MP3 below is a rock song that has Laura Voss on vocals.

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