Tuesday, March 09, 2010

World War V - Lottery League Practice Sessions

World War V [Band 15] is: Stanton Thatcher [drums], Rich Raponi [guitar], Maura McGrath [bass], Miss Melvis [vocals, guitar].

WWV started their practice with a song [tentatively titled "Ground Zero"] that they worked on during their previous that was their first as a band. Miss Melvis houses a cozy practice/recording space in her basement that had a nice bright sound.
The video below I shot, has the band rehearsing that song but the vocals are plugged straight to Mel's record deck [no vocals on video].

Here, are some photos.

The embedded audio file below is of a song that was written and performed for the first time, therefore the "Drum March" [as Stanton referred to it] is a *rough take* and may not even make it into their final set but it is an interesting example of how bands that never performed together, evolve.

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