Thursday, April 01, 2010

Beat Vikings - Lottery League Practice Sessions

Beat Vikings are: John Delzoppo, Christa Ebert, Christopher Burge & Ed Stevens.

The Beat Vikings practice at was formerly known as 'The [Old] Tower' which was the sweetest DIY space or club on the west-side for a minute until they relocated to 'Tower 2012' up the street and then Now Thats Class became a major player. I have many of those Tower show memories erupt whenever I walk into John Delzoppo's space that he uses as a recording studio as well as a living space.

This Sunday morning the Beat Vikings were honing their set with a jazz type number when I arrived at 1pm, the remaining half hour the band worked on a song that I refer to as 'The Viking Song" in the video and audio file below. The 'Viking Song' highlights each of the band members talents, the final result was quite impressive.

Photos are here.

Mp3 from a different audio source than the video above.

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