Friday, April 16, 2010

Lottery League: The Big Show MMX [photos]

lottery league MMXI've mostly finished processing my photos from the BIG SHOW and have uploaded them here. I only shot a few videos because I spotted several peeps with video cameras that was doing a fine job documenting the event, I will link those sources in my next post.

Many thanks go out again to the Council Of Chiefs and everyone else that put so much time making the day a success. Ron Kretch of the Scene has been blogging about these last couple months as well and his posts can be found here.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Beat Vikings - Lottery League Practice Sessions

Beat Vikings are: John Delzoppo, Christa Ebert, Christopher Burge & Ed Stevens.

The Beat Vikings practice at was formerly known as 'The [Old] Tower' which was the sweetest DIY space or club on the west-side for a minute until they relocated to 'Tower 2012' up the street and then Now Thats Class became a major player. I have many of those Tower show memories erupt whenever I walk into John Delzoppo's space that he uses as a recording studio as well as a living space.

This Sunday morning the Beat Vikings were honing their set with a jazz type number when I arrived at 1pm, the remaining half hour the band worked on a song that I refer to as 'The Viking Song" in the video and audio file below. The 'Viking Song' highlights each of the band members talents, the final result was quite impressive.

Photos are here.

Mp3 from a different audio source than the video above.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bongo Make Manscape - Lottery League Practice Sessions

Bongo Make Manscape consists of: Joey Milan, Ruwani Kiringoda, Ian P.E. and Pablo Cerda.

Many of the 2010 Lottery League bands have been rehearsing their sets till they are comfortable with the timing and fluidity of the songs before they begin rehearsing them with vocals and BMM is one of those bands. Ruwani has been writing lyrics and Joe was contemplating about where to place the vocals during their songs, that happen to have several tempo changes.
Joe mentioned that he has not sung vocals since his part in the Musical "Browns Rules", a production the Cleveland Public Theater produced last year. I am looking forward to how this band evolves, that wait is less than two weeks away [April 10], break a leg, Lottery League players!

Photos are here.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Devils Feet - Lottery League Practice Sessions

Devil's Feet consists of: Mike Rodemann, Brent Gemmill, Christopher Hoke & Justin Nyilas. DF has had a handful of practices but this was the first with Justin since their first. The band has written and practiced a couple solid songs since then and they were in the process of orienting Justin to what they had completed without the bass guitar.
I captured tentatively titled 'Dance!' & 'Not Breathing, Anymore' during this rehearsal as they were incorporating the bassist. A video and Mp3 file are both below, photos are here.

Brent shares this comfortable space that dubs as a recording studio with David Cintron, Dave also uses the space for his Lottery League band 'Melted Face Constitutional", I hope to catch their practice next week.

Devils Feet - Not Breathing

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Final Expenses - Lottery League Practice Sessions

final expenses practice photosFinal Expenses [Band 2] is: Mike Uva, John Neeley, Greg Hyland & Shannon Kerrigan.
This band practice was the first as a full band due to illness and scheduling conflicts, Final Expenses had a couple songs written and were working on chords, harmony and timing with those songs this afternoon. The band plans to write lyrics for the vocal parts which made rehearsing the vocal and harmonies a little awkward.

As always, be sure to keep in mind that the videos and audio posted here are from *practices* of musicians that never performed together previously. The video below is a first run of a song that plans to include vocal harmonies but has no lyrics yet so it would be wise not to expect Crosby , Stills & Nash at this point. Here is a handful of pics from the rehearsal.

Mp3 of FE practicing a guitar piece.

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Tape Worms - Lottery League Practice Sessions

Tape Worms are Elijah Vazquez, Sebastian Wagner and Stephe DK.

Despite of having lost a member and thus conforming as a trio, the Tape Worms sounded as if they have been together much more than the two weeks that they have. The video and Mp3 I've posted below are part of a lengthy jam of the hour+ I visited the Tape Worm space.
Stephe mentioned that he plans to have vocals for the final cuts. That is what I believe is the most valuable part of these LLPS posts, what i have documented is subjected to change and said change may sound quite different than the finished product at the BIG SHOW.

Some pics are here.

Tape Worms - 34b

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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Elks - After The Meeting :: LLPS

Our band The Elks have gone through a month of practice and are at the stage of refining our set and fulfilling our obligations as a Lottery League band, that includes a band photo, logo and bio, submitted in less than two weeks [March 31].

The image on the left is a logo I came up for the band and it is undergoing small changes, therefore it is still unofficial. As for the band photo, we have a lot to choose from after our five hour video-shoot [not required] yesterday. The bio is another story and I'm not exactly sure where that is at but I'm not totally opposed with having the CoC's supply that for us which they threatened to do for those that don't comply with the deadlines.

I have been honing my skills on the theremin, this entails waving ones hands about as if one was attempting to take flight with only the use of their arms as wings. I am not sure if the theremin has added anything of value to the song itself but it is sure fun to play with.
The video/photo shoot shots are here.

We were given the week off from practice because of our evident separation of preparedness from the rest of the league. The song below is: "After The Meetings Over" and it has my theremin whining in the background. Here are some photos from our video/photo shoot,

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Redd Foxx Memorial Band - Lottery League Practice Sessions

The Redd Foxx Memorial Band & Tre Fa La Ha Orchestar [band 3] is RA Washington, Sean Djuricic, Gabe Schray, Eric Koltnow & Sean Kilbane.

The RFMB was without Sean Kilbane tonight, though the band has yet to have the full orchestar together for a practice yet, the band seems to have found their sound. The vibrophone that Eric was playing really fits in well with the vibe [no pun intended] of the group.

The video below is one of two songs the TFMB was working on this evening. My photos are here.

The Redd Foxx Memorial Band - Take One

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